How To Integrate Solar When Building a New Home

solar panel house

Building a brand new home means that you’re starting with a blank slate. It’s up to you to decide on what you want and how you want it. We had a chat with Solar Energy Adelaide about the best ways to integrate solar into your construction plans for your new home is far easier than making expensive adaptations to a current or older building, and you could be setting yourself up for a lifetime of savings.

Powerful planning

Once you have a strong idea of what your new home will look like, alongside a firm set of building plans, you’ll be able to work with a solar company to start planning. A good solar company will be able to advise you on how best to incorporate solar into your home design and which specific systems will work most efficiently for you.

Points to consider:

  •  Your roof: this is probably the most crucial part of your home when considering how to integrate solar into your overall design. To install solar, you’ll need sufficient space on a South facing roof (ideally a roof pitch of between 5-12). The space should be as clear as possible as features such as chimneys or vent pipes can disrupt the overall roof span and make it harder to install solar.
  • Exposure: you’ll want the roof space to be as exposed as possible, ideally from morning until mid afternoon. This will help the roof panels to capture as much sun as possible so assess carefully whether there is any threat of shading on the roof space.
  • Insulation: inside your home, you’ll want maximum insulation and an air tight building to make sure that all energy is well preserved with minimal wastage – this applies largely to air conditioning in Summer and heating in Winter.




Long term gains

If you’re building a new home, the chances are you’re keen to base yourself in one place for at least the next few years. Investing early by integrating solar into your new home can save you thousands of dollars in utility bills, capturing the sun’s natural resources and doing your bit for the future of the planet.


Help to Budget

When considering integrating solar into the building of your new home take a moment to research potential government grants that may be able to help you financially.

Many state governments offer incentives for new home owners to integrate solar energy wherever possible and it’s highly likely you’ll be able to offset associated fossil fuel emissions from future utility bills. It’s best to consult local a local solar panel company like for advice.

For more information about installing solar panels on a new home, head over to this website.